Quail Eggs: A Smallholder's Delight at East Sussex Smallholders

Quail Eggs: A Smallholder's Delight at East Sussex Smallholders

We love Quails eggs here, a large part of our farm focusing on quail hatching eggs, but we also sell quail eggs for eating too… today,as we maybe think about a nice Boxing Day buffet, we're excited to share with you the wonders of quail eggs – small in size, but big on nutrition and taste. Whether you're curious about their health benefits or looking to introduce something new to your kitchen, quail eggs are a fantastic choice. And the best part? You can even start your own quail journey right at home with our quail hatching eggs if you want to rear your own. 

Tiny Eggs, Huge Benefits:

Quail eggs are nutritional gems. They're rich in protein, packed with B vitamins, and contain valuable minerals like iron and phosphorus. Their higher yolk-to-white ratio means more energy and a rich, satisfying taste.

Health Perks That Impress:

  • Immunity Booster: The nutrients in quail eggs help strengthen your immune system.
  • Brain Health: Loaded with B vitamins, these eggs can boost brain function and improve concentration.
  • Ideal for Growth: The high protein content makes quail eggs particularly beneficial for children’s growth and muscle development.

Versatile and Tasty in the Kitchen:

Quail eggs aren’t just healthy; they’re also incredibly versatile. Boil them, fry them, or poach them – they add a touch of elegance to any dish, from appetizers to salads.

Start Your Quail Adventure:

Here’s the exciting part – at East Sussex Smallholders, we offer quail hatching eggs for sale. This means you can hatch and raise your own quails right at home! It’s a wonderful way to connect with nature and experience the joy of poultry farming firsthand.

Storing and Using Quail Eggs:

When buying quail eggs, choose ones with clean, uncracked shells. They last up to a month in the fridge, thanks to their strong shells. You can use them in various recipes or simply enjoy them boiled as a nutritious snack.

Bring Quail Eggs into Your Diet:

Incorporating quail eggs into your meals is a delightful way to boost your nutrition. Try them in different recipes – from a simple boiled egg snack to creative dishes like quail egg sushi or stuffed mushrooms.


Quail eggs are more than just an alternative to chicken eggs; they're a nutritious, delicious, and fun addition to your diet. At East Sussex Smallholders, we're proud to offer quail hatching eggs, inviting you to embark on your own quail-raising adventure. Join us in exploring the joys of smallholding and poultry farming.

Embrace the charm of quail eggs, a small yet powerful ingredient in your kitchen and smallfarming journey - you won't regret it I promise. 

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