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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Poland Chickens

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Poland Chickens

At our East Sussex smallholding, we have a deep appreciation for the distinctive Poland chicken, also known as the Polish chicken. These birds, with their unique crests and engaging personalities, offer a mix of advantages and disadvantages that we've come to understand intimately, sometimes because quite frankly, they can be a nightmare! If you're pondering adding them to your flock, here's a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision - before you buy a Poland chicken. 

Advantages of Keeping Poland Chickens

Instagram Friendly

Poland chickens are renowned for their stunning feathered crests, setting them apart as one of the most visually unique breeds. Their extraordinary appearance isn't just a feast for the eyes; it also adds a distinct elegance and character to any garden or smallholding, they are always a talking point at our house. 

Gentle and Friendly Nature

These birds are often incredibly gentle and amiable, making them perfect for families or individuals who enjoy a close interaction with their poultry. Their sociable nature means they often become more than just pets; they become companions, but this also makes them a bit needy, sometimes even flighty. 

Ideal for Limited Spaces

Given their relatively small size, Poland chickens are perfectly suited for smaller gardens or limited outdoor spaces. This adaptability is a significant benefit for poultry enthusiasts with space constraints, they don't do well in larger spaces to be honest, they much prefer knowing where they are. 

Steady Egg Production

While they're not the most prolific layers, Poland hens provide a consistent supply of eggs. Though not abundant, their egg production is reliable and sufficient for a small household's needs. Their eggs are always pure white and pretty standard sizes. 

Disadvantages of Keeping Poland Chickens

Vulnerability to Predators

Their beautiful crests can impede their vision, increasing their vulnerability to predators. Secure and safe housing, particularly at night, is essential to protect these birds, we trim their poms poms to keep them safe, making sure that they can see really well keeps them happy and healthy as they aren't stressed.  

Special Grooming Requirements

The unique crest feathers of Poland chickens necessitate extra grooming to keep them clean and free from parasites. Regular and attentive grooming is crucial for their wellbeing, they love the dust bath for keeping their pom pom free from lice. But they aren't a no maintenance breed for sure. 

Weather Sensitivity

These chickens are particularly sensitive to wet and muddy conditions, common in the UK. Their crests can easily become soggy and uncomfortable, so providing dry and sheltered areas is vital for their health. And that's my being polite. They are so stupid, that they will literally dunk their head in water, then all their top head feathers freeze, and they get ill, or worse case, they die. 

Compatibility in Mixed Flocks

Poland chickens typically do not fare well in mixed flocks, especially with hybrid hens. Their unique features and more docile nature can make them targets for bullying. It's often best to keep them with similar breeds or in a dedicated Poland chicken flock. They will look happy, but then just die out of the blue. Don't risk it. 

Moderate Egg Layers

If you're aiming for high egg production, Poland chickens may not meet your expectations. Their egg-laying capacity is moderate, making them more suitable for those looking for unique pets rather than egg production powerhouses.

Our Poland Chicks For Sale

Here at our farm, we are not only passionate about rearing Poland chickens but also offer newly hatched and young Poland chicks for sale. This gives you an excellent opportunity to start or expand your own flock with these charming birds. By choosing our healthy, locally sourced Poland chickens, you're not just buying a pet; you're investing in a unique and engaging companion, who quite frankly, is a bit crackers! We also sell Poland hatching eggs, so you can hatch your own Poland at home. 


Rearing Poland chickens in the UK, can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. Their distinct beauty and friendly demeanour make them a delightful addition to any setting. However, their special care requirements, including grooming and protection from bullying in mixed flocks, are important factors to consider, and often make them a bit of a nightmare for a beginner to chicken keeping. If you're prepared for these needs, these beautiful and unique birds can bring a lot of joy and character to your life. With our newly hatched and young chicks available, you can easily start your journey with Poland chickens and enjoy the unique charm they bring.

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