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Clucky Corner

 Living Off The Land - Does Smallholding Pay?
Thinking of a field, a static and a handful of animals to live life as smallholder? or buy a field and live life as an Off Grider? - “Living the Smallholding Dream” is indeed  a dream many people harbour. Yet, transitioning this dream into a financially...
What Is the Pecking Order for Chickens?
Today, we'll delve into an intriguing yet essential topic: the chicken pecking order, and try to help you understand a little bit more about it, as it can seem overwhelming if you are new to chicken keeping. 
Why Your Chicken Isn't Laying Eggs: The Mystery of Missing Eggs
If you've ever strolled down to your coop expecting to find a clutch of fresh eggs, only to be met with empty nests, you're not alone. In the world of poultry keeping, this is like the hen's version of "Sorry, I've got a headache tonight." But before...
Chicken Noises and What They Mean
Today, we’re going to talk about something that many new chicken owners find both intriguing and sometimes baffling—the vocalisations of chickens. Yes, your hens have a lot to say, and understanding their language can help you care for them even better. ...
Keeping Quails Warm This Winter: A Beginner's Guide to Quail Care