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Fancy hatching out your own duck eggs? We have a wide range of egg-laying ducks on the smallholding and we produce a range of duck-hatching eggs ideal for hatching out at home, we deliver these duck-hatching eggs to the whole of the UK, or you can collect straight from the farm at BN8 6JD.

We sell a variety of Duck Hatching Eggs, we have breeding flocks of large and medium-sized ducks, such as the Cayuga Ducks, Khaki Campbell Ducks, Swedish Ducks, as well as smaller, miniature breeds like the Miniature Silver Appleyard Duck and the Small Domestic Mallard Duck. We collect our Duck Hatching Eggs daily. Buy this option if you would like a "mixed selection" of eggs. 

Order these if you are happy to have a mix of birds, we will always try and give you a really nice different selection of eggs from the different duck pens, that you will get a real variety. Alternatively, you can choose to have 6 of the same type of fertile duck egg, we have Cayuga, Khaki Campbell, Aylesbury, Call Duck, Muscovy, and Runner Duck Hatching Eggs Available from March 2024 and throughout the spring and summer months. 

Due to the nature of the smallholding, it is not possible to send you eggs on the same day that you order, - please allow 24  - 48 hours before we can dispatch - although be assured, your eggs will be super fresh. You will get a dispatch notification, and your eggs will be tracked at delivery stage, but you will not need to sign for them. 

Available to pre-order NOW - but we are not sending out until Monday 12th February - and we will send out the order we received the soonest, first, so get your order in sooner rather than later. 


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Delivery & Collections

All livestock, including chickens, turkeys, quails, and rabbits have to be collected in person. We do not offer delivery on ANY livestock. 

We DO offer delivery on all of our hatching eggs, these are sent by Royal Mail. 

Mixed Duck Hatching Eggs


Mixed Duck Hatching Eggs - It will be a surprise duck egg hatching selection, but we always try and give you a good selection for hatching at home.