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Available to buy online today, yes, you can buy Polish Hatching Eggs to hatch your own eggs at home using a broody hen or incubator right now. These fetile hatching eggs are from our flock of Poland Chickens which are reared here on the farm. We adore our funny Poland Chickens here on the farm - they are also known as Polish hens, and they certainly keep us entertained with all their funny hairstyles and crazy walks. We have a large flock of over 40 laying Poland Hens here including "Pizzles" which are Frizzled Polish birds, quite possibly the weirdest feathers you will ever see. 

As well as Poland Hatching Eggs, we also sell Polish Chicks from day old, through to fully grown, depending on the time of year. Our boxes of Poland Hatching Eggs are mixed colours, you will get a mix when you order from us that includes Buff / Chamios, Gold & Black Lace, Black with White Pom Pom, and Pure White.   

You can collect these hatching eggs free of charge from BN8 6JD - please select the collection option if you would like to do this, or we can post our fertile hatching eggs across the UK. 

We can usually have your eggs ready for collection within 24 hours, sometimes sooner, and we aim to dispatch the next working day. Alternatively, we post these Polish Hatching Eggs anywhere in the UK, although please do be aware that once they have been through the postal system that the eggs will have been shaken and vibrated at the sorting office, and these does wildly affect successful hatching rates. We tend to get 90% - 95% hatching rate on collected eggs, this falls to about 70% on Poland fertile hatching eggs that have been posted. 

We will send your eggs out as soon as we possible - but bear in mind that December and January the production is less, and so the waiting times are more. Allow at least 3 days for dispatching of your Poland Hatching Eggs.  

 A bit more about Polands / Polish Chickens

OMG - These birds couldn't be any more loving if they tried! We are all very smitten with them here on our smallholding, we love the way they perch on our shoulders whilst we work, almost snuggling into our necks for a cuddle. Now stunning ornamental or show birds, they were originally breed to be productive egg layers. Sometimes known as Poland Chickens, they aren't even from Poland as their name suggests. They are one of the oldest breeds of poultry and their origins are thought to be from somewhere in Europe. Some say England, some say the Netherlands and other say France. Poland Chickens are friendly little birds with huge amounts of character, great for smaller gardens as they thrive in smaller space, and are very child friendly due to their soft nature. 

These birds do not want to fight with anyone and will always back down, so tend to always be at the bottom of the pecking order in a flock, for this reason, you need to be very cautious about having these birds with other chickens without a lot of thought beforehand. For children the polish birds respond really quickly to voice commands, as they rely a lot on noises around them, due to their poor vison. They can soon be tamed to come when called for some tasty treats. They are very delicate though, and do take a little bit of extra health care than the standard Hybrid birds. 

Polands can be very amusing, just to look at them is enough to make you smile, but they do have restricted vision due to their head feathering, so  this needs to be born in mind if they are in too big a free range space they do call out if they loose their flock mates and will start to cry out. If free ranging over a large area, be careful, they will also tend to get stuck in all sorts of unusual places so it is important to keep them confined in a safe area to limit the chances of them doing something to hurt themselves.

The Polands crest can be tied up in a band to help the bird to see - but we tend to give the ladies a little hair cut here to help them see - just be aware that they might be a bit cautious when you first tie or cut the feathers back, as all of a sudden there is a lot more they can see. Polish Hens are also at a greater risk of ear mites than other breeds as they hide in their crest and cannot be seen easily, nor can the bird preen this area easily.

Polands arent very hardy compared to other breeds and do need to be kept under cover during wet weather. With their extensive headgear, it is easy for them to catch cold, some breeders even dry their crest off with a hair-dryer if they get wet before they go to roost - ours aren't quite that spoilt!


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Delivery & Collections

All livestock, including chickens, turkeys, quails, and rabbits have to be collected in person. We do not offer delivery on ANY livestock. 

We DO offer delivery on all of our hatching eggs, these are sent by Royal Mail. 

Poland aka Polish Chicken Hatching Eggs - Pre-Order for May 2024


Available Now - Poland Hatching Eggs posted throughout the UK, or can be collected on the smallholding in East Sussex where we have over 40 Polish chickens. Colours include gold lace, chamois, black and grey self colours, as well as pure black and white laced birds, and a selection of "Pizzles" - Polish Frizzles!