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Our silkie fertile hatching eggs now available and can be posted throughout the UK, or collected from our farm at BN8 6JD. Our stunning silkie ladies have several husbands that produce fertile hatching eggs for you to incubate yourself at home. They add a bit of glamour to your garden chicken flock. Silkies are a docile, pretty little chicken for the garden, with a friendly nature. 

We have fertile silkie hatching eggs from our flock of white, black, silver, and gold, all running with each other, so it's a surprise which colour you will get in the box, we won't know - it's a random mix. Smaller than a hens egg, these are cream or pale coloured eggs of a small to medium size. 

When you select silkie hatching eggs, be careful to either select that you want them posted, or if you are going to collect them. Either way, the price is the same, but posted eggs also incur a £4 postage charge. 

Posted fertile silkie hatching eggs are available in multiples of 6, as that is the size of the polybox, collected from the farm gate you can choose a different number as these will be supplied on a tray.  

About Silkie Chickens 

This breed of small chicken has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, bright blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot, (whereas most chickens only have four). Interesting facts make for an interesting garden bird, that is also very pretty. So, what aren't they good for? They are not the best egg layers as the only lay about 3-4 eggs a week, and this is only really between March and October, so if you are looking for a true egg laying chicken, these ladies probably aren't for you. 

Silkie chickens are unable to fly, they have really small "wings" so they are good for children who often are frightened of too much wing flapping. They can be very calm birds, great for small children, low fenced areas, and generally being ornamental in the garden. They are not good at escaping from foxes, so you will need secure chicken housing at night.

As well as Silkie Hatching Eggs, we also sell Silkie Chicks from day old, through to fully grown, depending on the time of year. 

You can collect these hatching eggs free of charge from BN8 6JD - please select the collection option if you would like to do this. We can usually have your eggs ready within 24 hours, sometimes sooner. Alternatively, we post these Silkie Hatching Eggs anywhere in the UK, although please do be aware that once they have been through the postal system that the eggs will have been shaken and vibrated at the sorting office, and these does wildly affect successful hatching rates. We tend to get 90% hatching rate on collected eggs, this falls to about 70% on eggs that have been posted. 

Please Note: We will send your eggs out as soon as we possibly can but do need to fit the post office visit around caring for the animals here - we will only send the freshest eggs available - please allow a minimum of 24-48 hours for your eggs to be dispatched. 


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Silkie Eggs 6 Posted

Delivery & Collections

All livestock, including chickens, turkeys, quails, and rabbits have to be collected in person. We do not offer delivery on ANY livestock. 

We DO offer delivery on all of our hatching eggs, these are sent by Royal Mail. 

Silkie Chicken Hatching Eggs Mixed Colours - Pre-Order for Next Batch In May


Product Code Silkie Eggs 6 Posted

Online ordering, UK wide delivery of fertile sikie hatching eggs for you to incubate at home. Our fertilised Silky Hatching Eggs are posted throughout the UK, or can be collected on the smallholding in East Sussex where we have over 20 Silkie Hens in our laying flock. Colours include Black, White, Silver, and Buff, will sell 6 or 12 mixed hatching eggs