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Turkey Chicks Day Old White Poults
Turkey Chicks Day Old White Poults
Turkey Chicks Day Old White Poults
Turkey Chicks Day Old White Poults
Turkey Chicks Day Old White Poults

Product Description

Get ready for Christmas 2024 with our exclusive pure white day old table turkey poults, hatching in mid-June! These special birds are only available through pre-order to ensure each one is lovingly set and hatched just for you. With the rising costs of rearing, we only hatch to meet demand no chances taken.

Our table turkeys are a sight to behold, growing steadily until they reach full size around December. Not only are they perfect for your Christmas dinner, but they also make delightful pets. Turkeys are surprisingly affectionate and entertaining companions, sure to bring joy to your home or smallholding.

Choose from three varieties of traditional double-breasted turkeys, all ideal for rearing in larger gardens or smallholdings. Our white turkeys are especially sought after for their pristine appearance post-plucking no unsightly dark quills here! They're a hit for the festive season, whether you're selling or gifting.

By December, expect your turkey hens to weigh in at 5-7 kg, with the stags a tad heftier at 6-8 kg. These birds are curious by nature, often finding themselves in the most unexpected predicaments! It's wise to order an extra poult, just in case it could also serve as a generous Christmas gift for a friend or loved one.

Our turkey poults thrive on Turkey Crumb, available for pre-order alongside your chicks. As they grow, we recommend switching to Turkey Rearer or a general poultry rearer for optimal growth. Before the big day, a Turkey Finisher will ensure they reach the perfect weight. These birds love a varied diet, enjoying vegetables, insects, berries, and nuts. And if you're keeping them as pets, they'll be content with layers pellets, although their lifespan tends to be shorter due to their size.


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Delivery & Collections

All livestock, including chickens, turkeys, quails, and rabbits have to be collected in person. We do not offer delivery on ANY livestock. 

We DO offer delivery on all of our hatching eggs, these are sent by Royal Mail. 

Turkey Chicks Day Old White Poults


Order now for our June 2024 hatch of our pure white table turkey poults, perfect for your festive table or as endearing pets. These traditional birds are a pristine choice for any smallholder, with pre-order ensuring optimal care. Plus, consider an extra poult for security or as a heartfelt Christmas gift.